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Welcome to Vida Linda Coaching

I coach those in arts and entertainment who wish to understand their creative gifts fully and tap into the wisdom that will make them more financially successful, confident and truly inspired leaders!

Do you love art but not know your ideal look? How you come across during networking? How to sell your services in a way that makes you feel confident in ALL the years you invested in your career? Do you need someone to fight for your career with you, inspire, motivate and bless your outcomes? Creativity Coaching may be for you.

Are you a creative professional who is a leader, but has JUST TOO MANY projects, not enough time, then procrastination comes around and ruins progress? Having a STRATEGIC PARTNER on each of your huge plans that inspires you to be the best leader you can be may be exactly what you need!

Are you an arts/entertainment organization that is looking to build itself to the next level of philanthropy towards art enthusiasts and showcase coaching as a wonderful resource for the agency or even the community?

There are MANY COACHES out there, but not many is 1. CERTIFIED through the International Coaching Federation with 2. OVER an amazing 350 hours of training PLUS 3. Have a Masters Degree in Training with a 3.8 GPA  4. a BA in a double major of Psychology/ Sociology with a minor in Business Management AND 5. have 10 years experience in the Arts! 

As a master strategist on motivational psychology mixed with my strong intuitive creativity coaching gifts, I am confident you will love the free 15-minute "Art Spark" Session. I am passionate about providing the 

tremendous support, motivation and guidance that my creative clients need to live happy, prosperous and fulfilled lives.-


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Thomas Wesson

NYC Actor/Model

I came out of my life coaching session with Emily with renewed clarity and drive. I am an actor and I am constantly thinking about my career and where I am going with it..

Joey Oso

NYC Professional Hairstylist

I had a consultation with Emily and she is a great inspiration, her words of life and how to move forward in my hair business were phenomenal.


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