Is your Life a Work of Art?

What does "Vida Linda" stand for? The "Beautiful Life”... 

3 years ago I started my journey to help those in arts + entertainment receive career and life guidance so they could succeed and reach their destinies.

My own creative path was one of an actress, before that it was a poet, before that it was painter..all paths that were not nurtured and brought to life by those around me.

Now I am a serial creative entrepreneur, a certified Leadership Coach for those in arts + entertainment, Co-Founder of, an entertainment writer and co-writer of "In the Spotlight: Over 100 Voices in Music". I also Founder of, a new promotional modeling agency, and partner with a top Miami photographer I am more part of the entertainment industry than ever! 

What you really deserve from a coach: 

There are many coaches out there, but not many are 1. certified through the International Coaching Federation with over an amazing 350 hours of training plus 2. have a Masters Degree in Business Psychology with a 3.8 GPA  3. 7 years experience as a Trainer 4. a  BA in a double major of Psychology/ Sociology with a minor in Business Management 5. have 10 + years experience in the Arts! 

As a master strategist on motivational psychology mixed with my strong intuitive creativity coaching gifts, I am confident we can find a way to work together to bring my skills and your creative path together towards success.  It has proven life changing and energy shifting for almost all who have tried it, and is my gift to you. Ultimately, I am passionate about providing the tremendous support, motivation and guidance that my creative clients need to live happy, prosperous and fulfilled lives.


What do you get when you mix PR with Promotion + Career Development?

Our Creativity Spark Program!